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Sharjah's Best 5 Star Hotel Family Stay. Get the celebrity treatment with world-class service at Hotel 72.
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Best 5 Star Hotel in Sharjah

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Hailed as the nation's cultural capital, the city of Sharjah is genuinely a souvenir to the rich Arab history. Nestled between the modern architecture and traditional landmarks, 72 Hotel offers the best of both worlds. Situated near the iconic Al Noor Mosque and the shores of Buhaira Corniche, 72 Hotel presents the city in all its glory.

Designed by world-class architects, 72 Hotel is a flawless blend of traditional and modern architecture. Every piece studded within the hotel is handpicked by our designers to offer you the ultimate luxury experience while flaunting the rich tradition of the city it stands.

Our Equation Restaurant and Quadrant Cafe are designed to satisfy a wide variety of taste buds. From vibrant cuisines to exquisite desserts, 72 Hotel certainly serves it all. Our sumptuous menu, sleek cutleries, and chic interiors present the perfect venue for any occasion.

Our wellness center is the epitome of serenity. Tune out the noise and reconnect within through our personalized treatments at Ellipse Spa. Enjoy a relaxing time at the Ellipse Indoor Pool while the Quadrant Cafe serves brewed coffee and hot tea. Indulge in a complete pamper session without guilt.

On arrival till departure, we are committed to providing unparalleled services paired with exceptional facilities. To redefine and elevate luxury experience - that is our goal, the meaning of Inspired Luxury and the essence of 72 Hotel.

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